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Locum Pharmacist Membership Group

If you are a locum pharmacist, the locum membership group is your channel of communication with the PDA. We hold three formal meetings a year, many informal ones and are in regular communication by E-mail.

What does the Locum Membership Group do?

The Locum group meets three times a year in Birmingham, engages in online activity via our closed Google group and our members attend the PDA AGM, its conferences and other events.

We tackle the issues experienced by locum pharmacists and refer proposals to address them to the union executive. We also produce occasional articles and letters.

How do we do it?
  • We seek your input on the issues affecting locums
  • We bring your concerns to the attention of the union executive
  • We write letters and articles
  • We all work as front-line locum pharmacists
What are the most important issues for us?
  • Locums not being paid
  • The conditions locums are expected to work under
  • Falling locum rates
  • The over-supply of pharmacists
  • Our inability to tender for the provision of enhanced services
Please contact us via this website - you will receive a reply.

This is your union - use it.


Remember, you are not alone. We are here to support you!



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